Ever wonder why some spaces are just so inviting?

It’s something most of us don’t really think about – the lighting.

Light is a basic and determining factor in the configuration of architectural space. The right use of light can create more comfortable, more genuine, more human, more beautiful and more sustainable spaces for people to enjoy. Light that is not just functional, but light that invigorates, lifts the spirit and touches people’s lives every day. Grazing light, spotlight, ambient light, accent light, wall washing, these are all tools that create a language of light for each individual space.

No project or client are the same, so we are flexible in the way we work. We offer fee-based design, design and supply or supply only, whichever you feel suits best. We provide both decorative and architectural solutions for residential and commercial projects. With over 200 completed schemes, our recent work includes the Canadian Embassy in London, the new Headquarters for Imperial Tobacco in Bristol and more recently Friska in Bristol.

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