One Eighty Light Approach

Our Approach

We think every project and every client is different. That’s why we offer a bespoke service tailored to the needs of the individual project. That means we’re flexible in the way we work, collaborating with interior designers, architects, consultants and directly with the end client. We can offer fee-based design, a design and supply service or we can supply only.


Before we design we listen

At our initial meeting, we learn more about the project and discover the brief; we will ask you what’s happening in the space, how do you want it to look and feel and ideas around budget are also helpful too.

The concept

We then get to work on brainstorming ideas. We find mood boards work really well in communicating these ideas and some times hand sketches and looking at product samples can help too.

Concept review

A review at this stage of the process helps keep us on track, makes sure that the lighting scheme is heading in the right direction and the concept is approved.

Detailed design and sign-off

We start to put together the detailed design; this includes a lighting schedule, specification and drawings, and may also include lighting calculations CAD drawings, lighting control, product pricing and lead times. Once the detailing is complete, including any revisions, the design is approved.

Project coordination

We have various ways of managing your project; our involvement can include obtaining pricing from manufacturers, supplying quotations to contractors or direct to the end user. On your behalf we can work with your architect, contractor, sub-contractors and control specialists on supply, installation, commissioning. Making sure the lighting is on time, within budget, and straightforward to install.