Friska Harbourside, Bristol

“We were passionate about getting a look and feel that helped our customers feel great about visiting Friska. The lighting was massively important – we love it and our customers love the new look too”

Ed Brown- Co-Founder, Friska

With a mission to ‘redefine your expectations for how a breakfast and lunchtime place makes you feel’ Friska turned to Story Design for their new location on Bristol’s Harbourside. The look is fresh, vibrant and a fun place for customers to enjoy delicious fresh food at breakfast, lunch and throughout the day.

They were looking for character and a real sense of fun in the people they work with. So it was important to get this fun feeling across with the interior. Lighting was a vital factor in this, so One Eighty Light came up with a concept using decorative fixtures and fittings that really helped being to life the companies character

Client: Friska, Bristol
Interior Designer: Story Design
Main Contractor: Lancer Scott

Lighting: iGuzzini, Orluna, Anglepoise, CPH, Vitamin Living
Completion: 2015
Photography: Kenton Simons