Lighting innovation for people

A lighting company that focuses on research and innovation, iGuzzini aims to develop indoor and outdoor lighting systems that can improve the environment and the quality of people’s lives.

iGuzzini operate at the intersection of light, society, city, art, and architecture.

With headquarters in Italy, and an international network, iGuzzini have worked in some of the world’s most acclaimed spaces, including cultural spaces, galleries, stores and hotels. Using advanced, subtly innovative lighting and creative design, iGuzzini enhance and work with existing architecture to highlight and illuminate areas of significance.


Bespoke lighting from iGuzzini

One Eighty Light sell beautiful architectural lights. We specify the best high-end products from brands such as Occhio, iGuzzini and Davide Groppi. All the technical and decorative lighting schemes we design are bespoke and customisable.

We design our lighting schemes by project, not product. We look at your spaces first and they dictate the products we will recommend to you.

However please do get in touch with us to discuss different brands and products, and to discuss your project.