Brand: iGuzzini, Hacel, Orluna, Anglepoise
Products: Pixel Pro, Reflex, Underscore, Soledo, Origin, Original 1227
Designer: Story Design
Date: On Going
Photography: Story Photography

Friska’s ethos is “Feel Good” from their healthy food to their personal service, Friska’s mission is to redefine your expectations, so it was vital our designs reflect their brands values.

Working alongside Story Design, each Friska store offers a unique challenge to help keep the identity of each building while still being in keeping with the Friska look. No two Friska stores are the same with the glass fronted The Eye store having completely different requirements to their more traditional store on Park Street in Bristol or their new Manchester stores.

Friska want their stores to look different to the more brightly lit competitors to help create a more intimate feel to each store but they still need to look inviting from the outside. All fittings are carefully selected to ensure the right light is used in the right area, from the Anglepoise wall lights to put light onto the tables to the fittings used over the counter while serving people. Each light needs to be carefully considered to meet the needs of the client while still being within budget.